My name is Steve and I’m currently living in Austin TX. I’ve been working in the field of digital forensics and cyber incident response for over 20 years.  I’m currently with KPMG Cyber and serve clients around the globe, responding to data breaches, ransomware, BEC, and various types of fraud investigations. I’m fluent in network protocols and architecture, multiple OSs – Linux, Unix (BSD, Solaris, AIX, etc), Windows, macOS – and have used and abused most forensic software tools out there.

I occasionally wear a software developer and reverse engineer hat, having written several applications and scripts over the years for wrangling various types of data considered to be relevant in investigations as well as reversing malicious binaries discovered during our incident response investigations.

Previous employment:
– SunOS/Solaris server operations admin at UUNET
– Police officer with the Austin Police Department’s High Tech Crime Unit
– Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps (0311 Infantry / 8531 Marksmanship Instructor)



Textfiles and free eBooks:
In the Beginning was the Command Line – Neal Stephenson
THE HACKER CRACKDOWN – Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier – Bruce Sterling
BEOWULF (Translated by Francis B. Gummere, 1910)

My “Welcome to UUNET Server Operations” email from 1998